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1031 Exchange Limitations - consider plan change in favor of tax deferral Section 453 installment sale reporting.

Avoid Tax Exposure of a Failed 1031 with a Backup Rescue Plan

Like-kind exchange tax deferral plans can fail due to non-controllable factors. For example, the regulations provide no freedom to extend the mandated 45-day and 180-day requirements. If these deadlines are missed, even when it is not your fault, the tax deferral under Section 1031 can be completely lost.

Heritage Planning for Generational Success

Heritage Planning: The 3rd Element of Successful Multi-Generational Planning

Planning for your money is not the same as planning for your family. For centuries, “comprehensive planning” for most families has consisted of financial and estate planning. And, for centuries, that planning has failed and families have been unable to keep the family and fortune together of more than two or three generations. The difference Read More

Tax Savings for Commercial Builders and Renovators

Tax Savings for Commercial Builders and Renovators

[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-info”] Watch Video & Download Free Booklet About Our Patented Construction System That Earns LEED Credits and More! [one_half] INCREASE… Building Cash Flow – Sale Value – Leasing Benefits RECEIVE… Treasury / Tax Incentives – LEED® Credits – Facility Flexibility REDUCE… Facility Operation Costs – Remodel Employee Downtime Costs [/one_half] [one_half_last] Submit Form Read More

Digital Assets = Passive Power!

Digital Assets Explosion = Passive Power!

[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-info”] Receive Free Copy of Our Book! “The Power of Passive: Profiting From Your Digital Assets” [one_half] [/one_half] [one_half_last] We will soon release a short book that expands on this subject. To receive your free copy, just submit this short form: First Name Email Address [/one_half_last]   [/alert] Tax Strategies, Wealth Building and Read More

Plan - Protect - Control

Connect Legacy Planning and Asset Protection to Your Tax Reduction Strategies

If you take just one of the following tax reduction steps, you can start to reap saving benefits that will result in significantly reduced tax liability every year. If you take two or all three of these steps, you can take your business and personal portfolios to the next level, where even more opportunity for Read More

Wealth Building & Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning & Wealth Building

Your success has been hard-earned and full of important lessons about the value of each and every dollar you’ve received or spent. You’ve burned the midnight oil once too often, but recognize that is what it took to get to the point of being a successful entrepreneur with a loving family and an important role Read More

Business Breakthrough Process

Family Business Transformation

You might be leading the lifestyle you want, and for which your family business provides handsomely, but are you truly leveraging the full value of your assets? Are you certain you will successfully transfer your business to the next generation? If that is not the goal, can you take it public with maximum valuation, or Read More

Questions About Guardianship of Paul Walker’s Daughter Answered

When actor Paul Walker passed away last November, his death left more questions than how it will affect the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise he starred in; it also raised the issue of who would be the guardian(s) of his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain Walker. According to an AP report on May 28, Meadow will Read More

Periodic Table of Estate Planning Elements

Periodic Table of Strategic Estate Planning Tools

The process for successful tax reduction involves converting your assets into investment programs that meet your business and personal goals, while also meeting the strict rules that apply to each tool and instrument used. We consider the tools and programs below in our discussions with you and your planning team members. Click links for information Read More

NBA Rookie of the Year Uses Irrevocable Trust to Protect His Financial Future

We have all read stories of movie stars, athletes, and other celebrities shoved into the spotlight of fame and wealth, only to end up broke after a successful career because they did not plan for their economic future. One good example is former NBA Rookie of the Year Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers. Iverson, Read More

Estate Planning 101

Benefits of an Estate Plan The best estate plans are created by focusing on people, not just property. In its most basic terms estate planning is how your affairs will be managed in the event you are not around, either because of your death or incapacity. No one wants to think about their mortality but Read More

500 Years of Generational Success or Shirtsleeves-to-Shirtsleeves: How Long Will Your Legacy Survive?

The fact that family wealth rarely, if ever, survives through more than three generation is a belief that spans the globe and almost all of recorded history. As far back as 2,000 years ago, Chinese philosophy was that “Wealth never survives three generations.” Medieval England put it this way: “Clogs to clogs in three generations,” Read More

End-of-Life Issues: The Problem with a Living Will and a Better Solution

The problem with a living will, ultimately, is that it allows people who do not understand what you want to accomplish to make decisions to end your life under circumstances you cannot know at this time without any requirement to consult your health care agent. Hospitals and doctors are uniformly protected from liability by state Read More

New NY Tax Law Means Estates of the Wealthy Could Take Big Hit from IRS

A CNBC article posted last week noted an interesting change to the New York State tax laws intended to reduce estate taxes that could end up costing marginally wealthy people a higher than expected bill, by as much as 164%, in some cases. It’s a narrow window that probably won’t affect more than a handful Read More

Estate Transition Checklist

Historical data shows that only 3 families in 10 will successfully transition their estate to the next generation and by the beginning of the third generation, 9 out of 10 families will involuntarily lose their financial assets and real estate. High net worth families have access to best-of-class advisers, so what is the reason for Read More